Halloween 2018

October 8, 2018 By: hydraclubadmin - No Comments

Yet again its that time of year where things start getting spooky and going bump in the night at HyDrA’s Pool.

This year due to its popularity we will have two Halloween parties either side of the official Halloween date, It will be a costume party so be sure to dress up and thrill !!

The first party will be Sunday 28th November Starting at 10am SLT, 5 amazing DJ’s will take us thought to 4pm SLT.

The Second event will be Friday 2nd November starting at 10am SLT with another 9 great DJs, taking us through to 6pm SLT, where there will be a short break until 10pm continuing into Saturday Morning.

Kinky Hell Yes its what we do !! With Spooks& Bumps !!